The Government’s Bad Diet Advice

“They are not acting on the basis of scientific evidence, but on the basis of a plausible but untested idea,” Dr. Edward H. Ahrens Jr., a top specialist at Rockefeller University and prominent critic of the growing doctrine on dietary fats and cholesterol, cautioned back in the ’80s.

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(And people say my work is unscientific…)

I’ve been trying to give people this information for 2 decades.

From my perspective, this bad advice is based on a mechanistic, rather than a dynamic, model of human biochemistry.  In other words, if cholesterol is bad in the body, don’t eat cholesterol. Or if bones are made of calcium, and you have bone loss, take more calcium. If it’s bad to be fat, don’t eat fat.

It doesn’t work.

The human body is much more complex than that. There has never been research to show that eating foods that contain cholesterol increase serum cholesterol. NEVER! Yet, I have been attacked countless times because I have tried to help people understand this. I’ve been accused of not paying attention to the research.

Well, the government has finally admitted that it’s been just plain wrong.
But I still get clients coming in on a regular basis saying their doctors are putting them on a low fat diet for their heart.

Obviously, many doctors are even more behind in the research than the mainstream press.

And as for heart disease? I believe that one of the main reasons we are seeing an epidemic, especially in women, is because we are all being told to increase our calcium to improve our bone density.

But it doesn’t go into the bones. You know what happens to all that calcium in pills and capsules and added in to our foods?

It goes into our circulatory system and causes plaque. Which contributes to heart disease.

Unless you are taking adequate amounts of Vitamin K, which shuttles it into the bones, where it belongs.

And what is the greatest food  source of Vit K? Fatty cuts of meat, which is exactly what we were told to eliminate.

Actually for the best natural source of Vit K, you need to be eating meat from animals that ate hay and grass, not grain.

Most people are not supplementing with K, or not enough, or not the right form (it should be the MK4 form of Vit K2, not MK7; very few companies use the right form).

So – forgive me if I say I told you so. And next time, maybe listen to a holistic health expert who has devoted 25 years to studying nutrition and the human body.

3 thoughts on “The Government’s Bad Diet Advice

  1. Hi, Fran! This article (and the revelations therein) is jaw-dropping. Not that you haven’t already held and professed this position for quite some time – but that the old paradigm (avoiding cholesterol/saturated fat/animal products; focusing on grains, fruits, and veggies like CORN and POTATOES) has been fervently espoused by the medical community, and ingrained into the public, down to the school children. Joe’s cholesterol measured slightly high last year, so his doctor told him to stay away from red meat and bacon – eat them every once in a while. This wasn’t hard to do, since I was cooking 100% vegan at home already – and his red meat and bacon were only 1-2 times a month, while he was traveling for work. So – continue doing what he was already doing…?! I’m so glad to have had this article (and the NYT link) to read to him over our grass-fed meatloaf and buttery cauliflower mash (which he was eyeing sideways, given the cholesterol fears). It’s a challenge to look at the excess grains and sugars as the culprits, after all that we’ve been “taught”. Thanx for fighting the good fight!


    1. thanks, Michelle. It’s soooo frustrating, not only being told I’m an idiot all these years, when I was the one reading the research LOL but also still having clients come in, like Joe, being told to go on low fat diets – even this week, when you think doctors would have at least read a few headlines, if not the original research. Anyhow, enjoy your yummy healthy-fat-rich dinner and know that you are doing a very good thing for yourself and your family’s health. however… corn is a GRAIN not a veggie – oops!


  2. Sorry, to clarify, I should have put the “veggies” in quotes to emphasize that corn and potatoes are the only “vegetables” that make it onto many plates – serving as THE veggie portion of many folks’ meals, despite their starch content and function in the body (my son would be one for the many – at 19, still refuses anything green or orange or yellow, if it wasn’t colored artificially in the form of sports drinks, etc)


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