Six Weeks to Success!

“This is the best thing I’ve ever done. This is the best money I’ve ever spent.” —Daglind Ginty

The Success Program Succeeds!

Clients are losing pounds of fat, and inches—particularly around their waists, the best indicator of overall health improvement—and they are feeling GREAT! They are already well on their way to their goals, and feeling better than they thought possible. They are getting amazing results, not only in weight loss, but in ways they hadn’t even thought possible.  They are getting compliments, and feeling great about themselves.

Your Success Program can do the same for you. Start now and in 6 weeks you will be well on your way to looking and feeling better than you imagined possible.

I can help you set, reach—and surpass—your goals.

Let me teach you:

  • How to succeed, once and for all, because I take over 2 decades of experience with thousands of successful clients and turn it into an approach I customize for you – individually – that will address the reasons why previous programs have not worked for you long term – or at all.
  • How going on and off diets over the years slows down your metabolism, and what you can do to heal your metabolism so you begin to burn fat naturally, without ever starving or depriving yourself.
  • Why nothing will work long-term if you don’t identify and eliminate your food sensitivities. Even if you don’t have any apparent digestive problems, you may have hidden sensitivities that are impacting your health, both long-term and short-term. And if you do have any digestive issues, you almost certainly have at least one hidden food sensitivity.
  • How to exercise smarter, not longer.
  • How to work with your resistance, because it inevitably arises when you are making changes to your lifestyle and habits.
  • How to develop the focus and strength of mind to follow through with your commitments. Not only will this help you with your health, it will serve you in all areas of your life.

“I’ve never felt this good. I’ve lost 29 pounds, 27 of it fat and it’s not like I’m starving myself, not at all. It makes life a lot easier! To think that at 53 I had arthritis! It’s gone. Sure we’re all getting older, but I don’t have that inflammation any more. I feel much healthier, I’m more active, I sleep better, I have more mental clarity and a more positive attitude.” — IE

“I feel so good! I haven’t felt this good since… ever!” —MC

“The emphasis has come off food; my cravings are gone. When the desserts come out I have no desire – none! To not constantly want food, that ‘what do I want, what do I want?’ I don’t have that any more, and I feel so good.  I have been able to get off blood pressure medication.  Even with a stressful week, I wasn’t tired and I feel great” —Susanne (lost 27 pounds, 25 of it fat)

“I recently completed 13 weeks of Fran’s weight loss program and am now 25 pounds lighter! I have been seeking Fran’s advice for a few years now. Every time something in my body ‘broke down’, I immediately reached out to Fran. She kept telling me that I needed to change my eating habits. I tried, but after feeling better each time, I fell off the wagon. Now I know what was missing. It was Fran’s weekly guidance and coaching. After being diagnosed with kidney stones, fatty liver and diverticulum in my colon, what did I do? What else? Pick up the phone and call Fran, AGAIN. She gently nudged me to think about what she had told me all along: I had to change what I was eating. I committed to her 13 week program and Fran helped with everything from physical to psychological issues. She tested me for different supplements and guided me in the use of my new found love for essential oils. The weight came off and I noticed changes starting to happen to my digestive system. I have more energy, sleep better and have a new found love for life and veggies!! Without Fran, I know I would be unhealthy and feeling emotionally “sick” right now. Way to go Fran!!!!” —VP, Centereach, NY

This program is for anyone who fits any of these criteria:

  • You want to lose weight but haven’t been able to do it long term on your own or with other programs;
  • You have chronic health issues that have begun to impact the quality of your life;
  • You want to “eat healthier” but aren’t sure how to make sense of all the conflicting information out there;
  • You don’t want to feel stressed any more about food and eating;
  • You want to lessen your dependence on, or avoid taking, medication;
  • You want to feel vital, invigorated and rejuvenated, rather than chronically tired, drained and frustrated.
  • You want to age beautifully, with boundless energy, radiant skin, and a healthy metabolism.

“I’ve lost 35 pounds since I started working with Fran. When I’ve been on diets in the past, it’s been agonizingly painful, so difficult for it to come off. Since I’ve been on the supplements and homeopathic remedies, it just comes off. I was put on Fosamax in 2003 for osteopenia and [had no improvement]. My MD couldn’t believe the results since [working with Fran]: a 50% improvement and my bones are now normal. She said that she has never seen so much improvement before. I look great and have more energy. It makes me very happy.” —ES, Westwood, MA

Your level of health is not static! The choices you make each day result in the quality of health you are experiencing. Let me teach you how to make the choices that will support you in feeling alive, energized, fit and well. Six Weeks of Success will teach you what to do and get you understanding, practicing and integrating the changes you need to make.

“Fran is always a considerate, compassionate, deeply aware and intuitive person who works in earnest to alleviate the stresses we inadvertently place on our body, mind and spirit. Not only do I enjoy our sessions and find much benefit in them but I have also seen major health improvements in the process. During the 15 month period of our work together, I have lost approximately 70 pounds (so much for the myth of not being able to lose weight after menopause) and my cholesterol dropped 60 points, all triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Testing further revealed much improvement and restoration to my major organs. I have more energy and my mind seems to be functioning as it did in my youth. Although there is still much to be done, I consider myself blessed and fortunate to have found an exceptional and gifted healer to help me on my journey.” —CP

The Success Program includes a 90 minute individual consultation at the beginning and five additional 30 minute weekly sessions, where you can ask questions, get very specific and targeted feedback and support, inspiration, etc.

Each (in person) session includes medical grade Body Composition Analysis, which shows you objectively what is happening with your metabolism, whether you are losing fat, muscle or water, and the amount of fat and muscle in each leg, each arm and your belly, as well as overall. If we are working long distance, we will use other criteria.

The Success Program includes a full nutritional evaluation, including testing for food sensitivities, guidelines for meals and snacks, review of blood work, weekly nutritional reviews, coaching through plateaus and psychological blocks, and more.

If you’re ready to get started, click here to set up your initial appointment. You will start to look and feel better more quickly than you might think possible, and it only gets better from there. This is information you can use for the rest of your life.

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24 thoughts on “Six Weeks to Success!

  1. Sounds like you are very knowledgable and helo many I have 100 lbs to lose mist out of frustration since i do not eat to be like this and noone can figure out besides thyroid waht it is.I presently cannot afford your thirteen week program or there any less expensive ways to meet with you’thanks Jayne


    1. Hi Jayne, I have helped many women who had that much weight to lose. If you can’t do my 13 Week Success Program, I would suggest coming in for an initial consultation. My initial consultation is two hours: the first to take a very thorough history (health, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, family, etc) and the second to actually start doing some work and putting together a program for you.  You will leave your first session with a good idea of what is going on, and how to get started feeling better.  If you are very motivated, you can take it from there, with perhaps an occasional session to check in. However, the 13 Week Success Program is so successful for people because most need the ongoing support, consistency, accountability and feedback, which allows you to make and integrate changes over time while you heal your metabolism and change your lifestyle.
      There is no more important investment than health and vitality.  They make everything else possible.


  2. Hi Fran I got your name from a friend! I’m at my wits end, tired, years of yo-yo dieting, master cleanse, no carb, high carb, low fat, high fat; you name it I was on it!! HCG drops, fat burners, etc..I’m 5’8 and 215….large build but no reason I should be this weight! I’m at the gym at least 3 days a week!! Sedentary job but I move all day!! Scale doesn’t go below 211 or higher than 217!! I can’t look and feel like this anymore!! HELP. I can’t get dressed without crying and i don’t even look in the mirror anymore!! Needing to drop 50lbs….


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