Compassion Burn Out

A long-term client asked me last night about compassion burn out.  “You’ve been doing this for so long.  Don’t you get tired of taking care of people and hearing everyone’s stories all day long?  Are there people you wish you didn’t have to see?” I paused, took in the question deeply, and was happily surprisedContinue reading “Compassion Burn Out”

Meditation & Trauma

“Research is now indicating that the brain can be unset and reset — and meditation can do that effectively.  Meditation can give you a sense of control over life, and that’s pretty significant.” – Fran Sussman via ‘Possibly a game-changer’ | An article in The Times Herald Record on how meditation is being usedContinue reading “Meditation & Trauma”

Cross “Stress” Off Your To Do List

Chronic stress increases inflammation, and inflammation contributes to health problems both chronic and acute, from weight gain to indigestion to heart disease. The good news: there are ways to work with your to-do list and lower your stress, helping you stay sane, healthy and even more productive.


I have practiced meditation for over a decade… and for years, I struggled with it. I struggled to practice and I struggled with practice. I did it anyhow, day in and day out, year in and year out, and I learned a lot from it. I learned about how often we resist doing what’s good for us, and I learned about incessant mind chatter and how to quiet it, and I learned a lot, too, about intuition, the integrity of body and mind and how essential it is to “drop anchor” every day, touch into the quiet, the stillness that resides within us, no matter what the chaos outside.