Top 7 Foods That Slow Your Aging

Top 7 Foods That Slow Your Aging.

Great article by Dr. Mercola.  Did you know he also studied with my own teacher, Dietrich Klinghardt, and incorporates much of Dr Klinghardt’s teaching in his principles?  I think this article is a great primer.

A few notes:

  • See my article on protein shakes for my whey recommendations.
  • I’m so glad he makes the point that you can not ingest glutathione directly. I see a lot of people wasting a lot of money on this expensive and relatively useless supplement. Instead, you must boost your body’s ability to manufacture glutathione, or use a top quality whey protein.  I offer many in my office.  Update: There are now 2 forms of glutathione that I use in my practice that are effective, although expensive. For most people, top quality whey protein is still the best source.
  • I’m not as big a fan of nutritional types as Dr Mercola, but I do think it’s essential to individualize your eating for optimal health. That means identifying and eliminating hidden food sensitivities (most people have one or two) and healing your metabolism  if it has become damaged.  This is the fundamental work of my 13 Week Success Program.  Please also read my article on Food Sensitivities.
  • When we had chickens in the backyard, I was more confident about eating their eggs raw. I hesitate to recommend this unless you are getting them very fresh from nearby uncaged healthy hens, and that’s hard to know for sure.  I do recommend eggs as a food though, and have been telling people for over 15 years that there has never been research showing that eating food that naturally contain cholesterol raises your cholesterol.  (Refined carbohydrates and processed food are much more likely to do that, by lowering your insulin sensitivity.)  So buy the healthiest local eggs you can find, and cook them lightly.  Poached or soft boiled is healthiest.
  • My breakfast recommendation for almost all my clients is a customized shake with a cup of berries and a little bit of other fruit.  I often use cherries.  Another way to get your berries is to have them as a snack, with a little bit of coconut milk and some nuts or seeds. Delicious and nutrient-dense.
  • Chlorella is truly marvelous.  I use it extensively in protocols for Lyme and heavy metal detox. It is extremely gentle and safe, even for pregnant and nursing moms, and very effective.  It comes in very tiny tablets, easy enough for even kids to swallow, or in powder.
  • I would add Chia Seed to this list of SuperFoods.  Chia is a nutrient dense powerhouse that provides protein, omega 3s, fiber, and calcium.  It can be used many ways. I put it in my shake, and soak it with some almond milk and xylitol to make a pudding, but it can be added to just about anything.  You may have heard of the best seller Born to Run: chia is the “magic potion” the runners take to improve their endurance and stamina as they age.

I hope you find at least a couple of bits of information here that help you boost your health and well-being. And of course, as always, if you would like some help figuring out the best way to do that for you, please get in touch!

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