Breakfast: Gluten-free Superfood Delicious!

A “superfood” breakfast and the holy grail of blenders! Yes! This porridge is tasty, filling and nutritious, and will keep you well-fueled for hours. Also gluten free dairy free vegan and paleo!

“Fran, what do you put in your protein shake?”

I get asked this question a lot! I really depend on my shake for a delicious, satisfying, and nutrient-dense start to my day. Here’s exactly how I make it.

Top 7 Foods That Slow Your Aging

Top 7 Foods That Slow Your Aging. Great article by Dr. Mercola.  Did you know he also studied with my own teacher, Dietrich Klinghardt, and incorporates much of Dr Klinghardt’s teaching in his principles?  I think this article is a great primer. A few notes: See my article on protein shakes for my whey recommendations.Continue reading “Top 7 Foods That Slow Your Aging”