Should you be taking Supplements? Surprise answer!


This is Fran Sussman from Fran Sussman Holistic Services, and I want to ask: Should you be taking supplements?


You may think my answer would be “yes” but most people don’t need many supplements at all – IF they follow my guidelines, below.


Here’s why. It has to do with what I call the mechanistic vs. the dynamic view of the body.


The mechanistic view of the body says that if you’re low in calcium, take calcium. It makes sense, right? Well, no, it does not! If you are low in calcium it means your body has trouble absorbing and utilizing calcium. In other words, you have to repair your gut to improve absorption. If you can’t absorb it from your food, you will not be able to absorb calcium from pills, either. In fact, pills are much harder.


So what’s the solution? NOT taking more calcium. (In fact, I believe the current epidemic of heart disease in women is largely because we have been told to supplement calcium for our bones. But it’s not going into our bones!)


The dynamic view says: identify and eliminate the issues keeping you from being able to absorb nutrients fully from your food. Heal the gut, and decrease inflammation so that all systems work better, and then eat good quality food to provide your nutrients.


This is what I help people with everyday. Once you have a healthy gut, you won’t need to take many supplements.


There are three (3) circumstances when taking supplements should be considered, and only one of them involves taking supplements for the long term. Stay tuned (Next Saturday’s Video-Blog).




See you soon. We can work together long distance or in my office. Either works fine.


Wishing you a happy healthy day!


Fran Sussman

Sussman Holistic Services




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