The (3) Circumstances Taking Supplements Helps.


This is Fran Sussman from Fran Sussman Holistic Services. Let’s talk more about supplements.


Last week, we discussed why most people don’t need to take many supplements. Today, I’m going to talk to you about three (3) different circumstances when taking supplements is important and beneficial.


First are situations where you would heal, over time, with the correct nutrition, but it might be a very l o n g time. The body will eventually heal itself, but who wants to take 2 years when if you take exactly the right supplements, you might do it in a couple of months. So this is #1: Supplements can bridge the gap between what your body is capable of right now and what it is capable of optimally. Supplements will get you to the optimal points more quickly and easily.


The second category is where you will need to address an issue of some sort; symptoms, chronic infections, etc. Supplements can be invaluable then. There is no need to suffer. The right supplements can help not only with symptomatic relief, but help you repair and heal the underlying issue, the root cause.


The third category is the smallest of all and those are the things you need for the long term because you can’t get them through nutrition; for example, Vitamin D. Here in the Northeast, you can’t get adequate amounts of Vitamin D from sunshine, although it’s possible in the Southern part of the country. Without supplementation, I see Vit D blood levels in the 20s or low 30s. Ideally, you want them up around 70, in order to get the benefits to your bones, your immune system and your hormones, and even higher in some circumstances. I do recommend  Supplement Vitamin D for just about everybody.




See you soon, long distance or local, either works fine if you’d like me to review or customize a supplement program just for you.


Wishing you a happy healthy day!


Fran Sussman

Sussman Holistic Services




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