Is Healing Possible?


Fran Sussman here; from Sussman Holistic Health and

I want you to know that healing is possible. Wherever you’re starting from, whatever you’ve been through, I want you to know that we are designed to heal. All you need is the right guidance, information and support. And that’s why I’m here.

Since 1993 I have helped thousands of clients both local and long distance with issues from chronic and neurological Lyme to healthy weight loss. I have specialized in gastrointestinal issues and how to reduce inflammation and heal the gut. I have helped women balance their hormones naturally in every stage of life. I have taught people the importance of detoxification and how and why to incorporate it simply into their daily lives. I have helped clients get off medications and reverse diagnoses.

lives. I have helped clients get off medications and reverse diagnoses.
is to help people reclaim their health, often in ways they never had it before.

People often ask how I got into this work. My answer is: my children led me. Each of them as babies had health issues that neither the conventional medical world nor the holistic world could identify or solve. I began searching for answers for them, and in the process not only did my children fully recover, but people began calling me to help their children, their neighbors, their friends their family, and themselves. And that’s how I started.

My own journey has not always been easy, with significant trauma, years of struggling with Lyme disease, and more recently, full recovery from breast cancer. I see my purpose as taking these difficult experiences, along with my 25 years of training, and putting them at the service of my clients. I am passionate about helping each person reclaim their health and well-being, often in ways they never had it before.

I want to both inspire and inform.

We’re here to take the pieces of the universe we are given, burnish them with love, and return them in better shape than we received them.

That is my message. And if this message speaks to you, I hope you will invite me to support you on your own journey toward your greatest health and vitality. You can do that simply by clicking the Book now button on my web site or Facebook page.

Thanks for reading.

This is Fran Sussman from Fran Sussman Holistic and , wishing you your greatest health and well-being!

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