Trying to Lose Belly Fat?

This is an excellent and very comprehensive article, and all the points Dr Mercola lists are elements of my approach – have been for years! – with one very important exception (see below).

I’ve been recommending HIIT for many years, and can teach you how to optimize Human Growth Hormone as we age, when it naturally declines; how to use nutrition to lower inflammation; how to optimize your sleep for fat loss; and much, much more that you can put into practice more easily and effectively than you might think!

I particularly recommend doing planks and other core work on the whole body vibration plate, in my Zen Vitality Room. This will really amplify the results for you.

My exception to Dr Mercola’s article?

I do NOT recommend intermittent fasting for women. Neither research nor personal/clinical experience does either. Is intermittent fasting something you’re interested in? Have you thought about it, or tried it? Let me know, and I can share more information.

Here’s the Mercola article: Helpful Workout Tips to Effectively Lose Belly Fat.

Or sign up for my Success Program, and I’ll customize it all for you (optimized personal nutrition plan, lifestyle tweaks, and exercise) and take you through it week by week until you reach – and even surpass – your goals.

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