It’s really this simple: Eat Real Food

“real food is more likely to promote health and less likely to cause disease than hyperprocessed food. And we can further refine that message: Minimally processed plants should dominate our diets. (This isn’t just me saying this; the Institute of Medicine and the Department of Agriculture agree.)” via What Causes Weight Gain – WantContinue reading “It’s really this simple: Eat Real Food”

Mark Bittmans Customizable Soups –

Once again, this is why I’m a Mark Bittman fan. His recipes are healthy, simple, satisfying, and anyone can use them. I’m going to take his advice and pin this one to the fridge. Mark Bittmans Customizable Soups – You can find many of his recipes online, but if you like having it allContinue reading “Mark Bittmans Customizable Soups –”