Mark Bittmans Customizable Soups –

Once again, this is why I’m a Mark Bittman fan. His recipes are healthy, simple, satisfying, and anyone can use them. I’m going to take his advice and pin this one to the fridge. Mark Bittmans Customizable Soups – You can find many of his recipes online, but if you like having it allContinue reading “Mark Bittmans Customizable Soups –”

“Fran, what do you put in your protein shake?”

I get asked this question a lot! I really depend on my shake for a delicious, satisfying, and nutrient-dense start to my day. Here’s exactly how I make it.

A Gluten Free Vegetarian Visits Egypt

I am back from Egypt, and what an adventure! You can see lots of photos on my Facebook page, so please take a look, and leave your comments. The best part of the trip, of course, was spending time with my remarkable daughter Lily, briefly getting to be part of her new and very fullContinue reading “A Gluten Free Vegetarian Visits Egypt”