Focus on (Super)Foods

Synthetic supplements are just a guess at what nutrients in foods are healthy and healing, and they’re not always in a form your body recognizes. Instead of ending up with an expensive toilet flush, try adding these nutrient-dense superfoods to your menu.

Chia Seeds and Weight Loss

Chia Seeds and Weight Loss – I don’t know who has claimed that chia seeds will make you lose weight. Certainly not me.  But they are a nutritional powerhouse, and made my list of  5 Superfoods for their impressive combination of Omega 3s, fiber, protein, calcium and magnesium among its benefits.  Also, the brandContinue reading “Chia Seeds and Weight Loss”

Give A Gift of Health (with free shipping)

Here are 10 gifts from my practice, in a price range from very little to extravagant. And as you’re reading, remember that you, too, deserve the gift of health.

“Fran, what do you put in your protein shake?”

I get asked this question a lot! I really depend on my shake for a delicious, satisfying, and nutrient-dense start to my day. Here’s exactly how I make it.