What’s Going On with Your Hormones? May’s Open Meeting

Join me Tuesday, May 20 from 7-8PM for an informal conversation about your hormones. I will teach you some important principles, and a few tricks and tips to re-balance your hormones and start feeling better. No one should suffer from their hormones at any age, not puberty, not childbearing, not peri-menopause or menopause. From moodContinue reading “What’s Going On with Your Hormones? May’s Open Meeting”

Your Customized 21 Day Detox

Doing a seasonal detox can give you more energy, a clearer mind, a jump start on weight loss, reduced inflammation, better digestion, better quality sleep, and improved overall health. I can help you do all this gently and effectively, without any drastic fasting, colonics, etc. You will not starve and you will be able to function (in fact, better) through your detox (and you will not have to stay close to the bathroom!)