Raindrop Technique with Young Living Essential Oils

Raindrop Technique has the potential to stimulate the immune system, reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, enhance detoxification, and counteract viruses, bacteria and fungi, while supporting overall body function. And it feels heavenly!

Give A Gift of Health (with free shipping)

Here are 10 gifts from my practice, in a price range from very little to extravagant. And as you’re reading, remember that you, too, deserve the gift of health.

Coffee Enemas

Hey, if Oprah and Dr Oz can make talking about poop acceptable, why not move the conversation even further along, so to speak, and talk about coffee enemas, and doing an enema series.  They are safe, cleansing and detoxifying, and really very simple to do. Here is a basic coffee enema recipe.  If you areContinue reading “Coffee Enemas”