The Good The Bad & The Ugly: Natural and Artificial Sweeteners, and how they stack up

We love our sweets. And the more we have, the more we crave. That’s not simply habit, or lack of will power. It’s biochemistry. Understand that, and you take control. Read more…

Raindrop Technique with Young Living Essential Oils

Raindrop Technique has the potential to stimulate the immune system, reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, enhance detoxification, and counteract viruses, bacteria and fungi, while supporting overall body function. And it feels heavenly!

A Natural Approach to Flu Prevention

I continue to get questions from anxious clients about swine flu every day. Please don’t panic. The best thing you can do is strengthen your immune system. Here is how. I know the first thing everyone wants to know is “what can I take?” and I will get to that below. But the truth is that your overall health is more essential. Never underestimate the power of lifestyle choices to determine your health, both short term and long term.