My Holistic Services Zen Vitality Room

Hi, Fran Sussman here, of Sussman Holistic Services. Let me introduce you to my Zen Vitality Room, with an Infrared Sauna, a BEMER Microcirculation Mat, and a full body Vibration Plate. The benefits to your health are remarkable! CLICKABLE VIDEO:   For more info on  the Zen Vitality Room visit my website or e-mailContinue reading “My Holistic Services Zen Vitality Room”

How To Re-Boot Your Metabolism

Your metabolism isn’t really slow or fast. It’s healthy or damaged. And if it’s damaged, you can heal it. Here’s your re-boot how-to.

High Intensity Interval Training / The best DVD

With exercise, more isn’t better. Learn how you can dramatically improve your fitness in 15 minutes 3x a week

High Intensity Interval Training: why you should be doing it

High Intensity Interval Training takes only minutes a week, but will get you better results than any other kind of cardio, especially if you are over 35.

Give A Gift of Health (with free shipping)

Here are 10 gifts from my practice, in a price range from very little to extravagant. And as you’re reading, remember that you, too, deserve the gift of health.

Female in Your 40s or 50s?

In a culture that worships at the altar of youth, what can a woman expect once she reaches her forties, fifties or sixties? Is it true that aging means gaining weight, lost libido, thinning hair, and increasing aches, pains and physical woes? Absolutely not! This can be a wonderful time of life, if women learn to take care of themselves as well as they’ve taken care of everyone else in the decades before.

6 Simple Steps for a Healthier Brain

Are you concerned about Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia? Did you know that much of your future brain health can be significantly influenced by your lifestyle choices now?

Stuck At Your Desk or Computer? Health Tips for You!

This article was originally published as Fran’s Holistic Outlook column in The Times Herald Record on January 21, 2010. If you’re spending long days hunched over a desk or computer, you’re not alone. Here are seven ways to integrate healthier habits into a tough work day. 1. Mom was right. Breakfast is the most importantContinue reading “Stuck At Your Desk or Computer? Health Tips for You!”

How To Fight The Battle of the Bulge – And Win

If you are tired of dieting, tired of feeling sick and tired, and on the verge of despair, take hope. It is not your fault, and it is not a “normal part of aging” either. It is possible to heal your metabolism, lose body fat, eliminate food cravings completely, and even reverse many chronic symptoms.