Carbohydrate Intake Linked To Breast Cancer Recurrence – Food for Breast Cancer

“Diets with a high glycemic load appear to increase the risk of breast cancer even in women who are not overweight.” I recommend a diet of real food: lean protein from healthy animals, copious amounts of fresh organic veggies, very little fruit, and lots of healthy fats. I am distressed at how frequently a highContinue reading “Carbohydrate Intake Linked To Breast Cancer Recurrence – Food for Breast Cancer”

Optimizing Nutrition For Lyme Disease

This past Sunday was the Light on Lyme event, and I was so honored and excited to be one of the keynote speakers, along with Dr Richard Horowitz, pictured. My major take-aways from the day: First, my spirits soared with the consistent theme of RESILIENCE. Yes, there were many people there because they were stillContinue reading “Optimizing Nutrition For Lyme Disease”

My Interview on Chronic Illness for Well-Scent

I am very pleased, and so honored, to be featured as the first practitioner in Well-Scent’s series of interviews on chronic illness.