The Surprising Therapeutic Benefits of Xylitol

Looking for recipes? Scroll down… Xylitol is a 5-carbon sugar that has 40% fewer calories and 75% fewer carbs than refined white sugar.  Xylitol is a mere 7 on the glycemic index (which measures the impact of food on our blood sugar levels), compared to sugar’s glycemic index of 100.  It has no bad aftertaste,Continue reading “The Surprising Therapeutic Benefits of Xylitol”

Natural Relief for Allergies

(Originally published in The Times Herald Record 6/30/10)
Allergy medicines do nothing to help you get better; they just suppress symptoms temporarily. Wouldn’t you rather eliminate the problem altogether, and improve your health at the same time? It may be more possible than you think.

Renew Your Energy with Internal Spring Cleaning

Feeling kind of blah and sluggish? Still dragging around those winter blues and an extra five pounds? Clothes feel too tight?

You may need some spring cleaning — not the external kind, but internally.