They got 1 thing right: It’s not your fault if you can’t lose weight

For years, I’ve been teaching clients who come in frustrated and hungry that restricting calories damages and slows your metabolism, making it hard – if not impossible – to lose weight and keep it off. Fortunately there is an alternative.

You Really Don’t Have to Live With It!

Hormonal imbalance? Digestive distress? Creeping weight gain? Somehow, we seem to have signed on to the idea that falling apart and breaking down physically is inevitable. Please don’t believe it!

Thinning hair is NOT inevitable with aging!

I love having long hair, and yes, for me it’s part of my pleasure in being a woman. If your hair is thinning, please don’t believe the popular and misguided line of thought that says it’s inevitable with aging. It can be a thyroid problem, an indication of more general hormonal imbalance, or of stress.Continue reading “Thinning hair is NOT inevitable with aging!”

Women: How to make your 40s and 50s fabulous

Is it true that, for women, aging means gaining weight, lost libido, thinning hair and increasing aches, pains and physical woes? Absolutely not! This can be a wonderful time of life, if women learn to take care of themselves as well as they’ve taken care of everyone else in the decades before.