UCLA study: Non-drug treatment may reverse memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients | abc7news.com

They avoided simple carbs, gluten and processed foods. They increased their fish intake, took yoga and meditated. They were instructed to take melatonin, get adequate sleep, incorporate vitamin B-12, vitamin D-3 and fish oil. and guess what: It worked! These are the same principles I teach clients every day in my work.  (other than melatoninContinue reading “UCLA study: Non-drug treatment may reverse memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients | abc7news.com”

Should you be taking Supplements? Surprise answer!

Hi. This is Fran Sussman from Fran Sussman Holistic Services, and I want to ask: Should you be taking supplements?   You may think my answer would be “yes” but most people don’t need many supplements at all – IF they follow my guidelines, below.   Here’s why. It has to do with what IContinue reading “Should you be taking Supplements? Surprise answer!”

Top 12 Nutritional Mistakes I See in My Practice

Here are the top 12 nutritional mistakes I see in my practice right now by people TRYING to eat healthier. Are you making any of them?

Facing Breast Cancer Fear

I am fortunate in coming through my experience of breast cancer as well as I have. No one has “the answer”, including me. I do have experience in navigating chaos and uncertainty with a little more sanity, a lot less fear, and a great deal more health. Let’s talk about fear. During the time ofContinue reading “Facing Breast Cancer Fear”

When Not To Choose Organic

Hi This is Fran Sussman from Fran Sussman Holistic Services. Today, I’ll answer a question that I’m asked all the time: is organic always best? The answer might surprise you. With produce, YES, go for organic because of what you don’t get – pesticides and genetic modifications – as well as better flavor. Buy local andContinue reading “When Not To Choose Organic”

Are You Fully Hydrated?

I would like to talk to you today about Hydration. If you are feeling sluggish and tired, if your mental focus is not as good as you like, if your metabolism has slowed down and you have trouble losing weight, if your energy level has dropped… Your hydration might be a big part of theContinue reading “Are You Fully Hydrated?”

Is there something wrong with most detoxes and cleanses?

Hi This is Fran Sussman from Fran Sussman Holistic Services. I want to talk to you about Detoxes and Cleanses. Is there something wrong with most detoxes and cleanses? I’d say yes… Most detoxes and cleanses are doing it wrong! They are only about deprivation for a short period of time, rather than rebuilding theContinue reading “Is there something wrong with most detoxes and cleanses?”

The Well-Anticipated Challenge

Hi, Fran Sussman here. Here’s what we now know from research: Gluten increases inflammation in everyone. It increases the risk of heart disease in everyone, increases insulin resistance and diabetes, as well as increases the risk of auto-immune diseases. That’s a pretty comprehensive list of what you want to avoid as you age. We alsoContinue reading “The Well-Anticipated Challenge”

My Holistic Services Zen Vitality Room

Hi, Fran Sussman here, of Sussman Holistic Services. Let me introduce you to my Zen Vitality Room, with an Infrared Sauna, a BEMER Microcirculation Mat, and a full body Vibration Plate. The benefits to your health are remarkable! CLICKABLE VIDEO: http://youtu.be/ySCVwO99XZU   For more info on  the Zen Vitality Room visit my website http://www.fransussman.com or e-mailContinue reading “My Holistic Services Zen Vitality Room”

Is Gluten-Free a Fad or a Growing Trend?

Hi, Fran Sussman here, from Sussman Holistic Services, the Holistic Outlook column in The Times Herald Record, and at Hudson Valley http://bit.ly/SSYourBestHealthBlogA Here are some thoughts for Your Best Health. A fad is “an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived”. I believe that the increased interest in avoiding gluten is a growing trend.Continue reading “Is Gluten-Free a Fad or a Growing Trend?”