Boosting the Brain, Mending the Mind

I can’t remember why I walked in the room, I can’t remember names, I can’t retain what I just learned, I can’t focus without getting distracted…

Don’t let anyone tell you those are “normal signs of aging”. Or “just hormones”. Nope. You can reverse all that. I did, and more.

How to Revitalize Your Life

I can honestly say I’m an expert in Revitalization, having spent 2 decades teaching clients non-invasive holistic methods to recover their health and vitality, and having successfully reclaimed my own vitality after going through breast cancer and chemo. I feel great – and I want you to, too. Here are my top 3 tips in 5 different areas of well-being: skin, digestion, sleep, hormones, and energy.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms May Be Reduced With Whole-Body Vibration Exercise

“Vibration training is increasingly being studied in clinical populations as a potential therapeutic mode of exercise training” via Fibromyalgia Symptoms May Be Reduced With Whole-Body Vibration Exercise. I was thrilled to see this piece of research, as a whole body vibration plate is part of my Zen Vitality Room. I know the list of researchedContinue reading “Fibromyalgia Symptoms May Be Reduced With Whole-Body Vibration Exercise”

The Zen Vitality Room

The Zen Vitality Room: A unique way of boosting your health and appearance while decreasing stress