Trying to Lose Belly Fat?

This is an excellent and very comprehensive article, and all the points Dr Mercola lists are elements of my approach – have been for years! – with one very important exception

Why Nutrition Is So Confusing –

“rapidly increasing rates of obesity and diabetes suggest that something about the conventional thinking is simply wrong.” via Why Nutrition Is So Confusing – Indeed. According to the article, the rate of obesity in America has tripled, and diabetes has increased seven-fold. Clearly, the advice we’ve been listening to is dead wrong. Literally. AsContinue reading “Why Nutrition Is So Confusing –”

Holiday Savings New Items Added

My BIG once a year holiday sale – don’t miss it! Check back for more additions as the week goes on

Check Your Nutrition IQ: 10 Common Assumptions You Might Have Wrong

Are you sure about what you know nutritionally? Find out the truth and make it work for you!

They got 1 thing right: It’s not your fault if you can’t lose weight

For years, I’ve been teaching clients who come in frustrated and hungry that restricting calories damages and slows your metabolism, making it hard – if not impossible – to lose weight and keep it off. Fortunately there is an alternative.

Wondrous, Healthy Coconut Oil

Incorporating coconut oil into your diet might be one of the healthiest nutritional changes you can choose. Here’s how, and why.

Why Weight Loss Programs Fail

Does your weight make you miserable? Are you discouraged, frustrated, maybe even in despair? Are you fed up with promises and programs that don’t work for you? It’s not your fault! You haven’t failed if you couldn’t succeed in the first place! Here of the top reasons weight loss programs fail: •    Hidden food sensitivitiesContinue reading “Why Weight Loss Programs Fail”